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Cool Guy Foods is the Kansas City backstage catering company recommended by so many venues for a very simple reason: we do everything we can to make you feel at home.  We understand what it is like to be on tour.  That is why we do everything we can to provide you with something different.  We focus on fresh local ingredients and to create meals you won’t be offered in other cities.  We can fire up the grills for some KC Strips or create a unique salad from the farmer’s market.  We don’t reheat from a package, we make cool guy food.

Cool Guy food is food that is something out of the norm that you don’t see every day.  It is painstakingly prepared through precise and delicate procedures.  We take these extra steps because we take pride in the food we serve.  Whether this means developing protein rich vegetarian or braising a pork shank for 8 hours or making our fresh bread and pastries from Cody’s Grandmothers 35 year-old sourdough starter—we know the extra steps show in the end result.  We know that being on the road means many boring meals.  Our mission is to make sure that what you eat in Kansas City will not be one of them.  Nothing makes our job more fun than to have guys get off the bus and tell us they were hoping to see us because they still remember how good the meal was last time they were in town.

We take our role in your visit seriously.  From bus stock to dressing rooms we pay attention to details and bring what you need.   We read every rider we receive line by line.  Every item on your rider is there for a reason.  We don’t need to know the reason it is on your rider, but you will find it waiting for you.  This is our job and we take our jobs seriously.

From the time you arrive you will notice a difference.  From hot coffee for your load in to a cold beer at the end your day, we are here with you for the duration.  We aren’t attached to the venues.  Whether we are cooking backstage or in our 40 foot mobile rig, we know that we are providing the fuel for your crew to do their jobs well.  Whether we are working a solo show or outdoor festival all of your needs will be met.  Our biggest role is to make sure that we give your crew what they need to put on a successful show.

We look forward to the opportunity to meeting your Kansas City backstage catering needs.

Kansas city cool guy foods

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